Here are some resources for organizing and prioritizing your goals and todos. Many of these can be used together and can be adapted to your tools of choice, whether it’s pen, paper and stickies or Trello and Google Calendar.

If you have any suggestions, want to share your tips, or need help finding similar tools, be sure to leave a comment!

Happy Planning

– Jeseekia

Bullet Journal

A simple “rapid logging” system that can be used to keep your journal and life in order. I consider this a d.i.y. planner. You can easily create the modules that work for you and grow or adapt them over time. You can use any notebook!


This system of prioritizing your to-dos is based on the book “Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity” by David Allen and is very popular. This is adaptable to your preferred tool. Some people use sticky notes/physical folders or a bullet journal while others choose to use Evernote or Todoist to implement GTD.

This guide from author David Allen shows how to setup GTD in Google Apps which should help make your system accessible most of the time if you are a very digital person.

If you’re interested you can read Getting Things Done:

Block Schedule

I am working on coming up with a block schedule that will help make sure that my time is balanced across the day and week. It’s really hard once you go from having to worry about work to adding on family/friend time, personal activities, a business/side-hustle, school, and fitness. The many competing priorities cause us to constantly “multi-task” or context-switch which prevents us from focusing and causes us to take longer to finish things we want to get done. This block schedule helps you to think about organizing your day based on items that are similar so that you can focus more and stop forcing your brain to think about everything at once.