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About She Too STEM

She Too was created to give a voice to our journey in STEM. Our intersectionality of womanhood and blackness give us unique perspectives and experiences that were hard to find. Don’t we exist too?

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Episode 73: Math Camp? Math Corps!

Our sis (and Alanna’s BFF), Nicole Stokes, joins the conversation to tell us all about her work with Math Corps. Surface level it’s a math camp but underneath there is so much more!

Recent Episodes

Episode 72: Something For Me

Our sister and plant queen, Tiffari Jenkins, joins SheTooSTEM podcast to chat about self-centering and all things weight loss surgery (WLS).

Episode 71: Be About It

Everyone is an advocate nowadays, but what is it actually? Kayla and Alanna get candid with what advocacy (for black women in STEM) looks like or what it could be.

Episode 70: …And Find Out

Alanna and Kayla catch up after a weeks of f*cking around and finding out during the holiday season with lightening rounds. Stay tuned for the next episode of DragonBall Z.

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Alanna Tremble-Winfrey

Alanna Tremble-Winfrey

Jeseekia Vaughn

Jeseekia Vaughn

Kayla Jordan

Kayla Jordan

We’re 3 Detroit girls that started out sharing the trials and tribulations of college and engineering, ultimately brought together by NSBE at Wayne State University. We’re pursuing careers in Industrial, Software, and Electrical Engineering and overall just trying to takeover the world! Right now each of us is trying to live our best life and help others do the same whether it’s Kayla sharing her journey and resources to being debt free with The Melanated Budget, Jeseekia teaching coding and helping people get into software development, or Alanna leading the 2 along with the rest of her team as she plans the upcoming 2019 NSBE Annual Convention for a group of 15,000.

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